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New community!
B&A in Haiti

Please visit my communities for high quality
pictures of male celebs at hires_hunks
and Brad Pitt at hires_brad!

Please read my userinfo for more details and decide if I'm worth your friend and comment here then I'll consider adding you. Thanks.

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I saw your Michael Shanks post on hires_hunks, and I was totally like, WOAH! Stargate fan!! SWEET!

So yeah. Add me if you'd like... if you add me I'll be adding you. Because who can get enough Stargate fans? Really??

Nice of you to drop by. :)

Sure, I'll add you... but warning that my entries are mostly about Brad & Angelina since I'm so obessesed about them. Just let me know if you want to remain on my friends' list. ;)

Okay, and don't forget that my entries will sometimes be adult content related. Just a heads up. ;)

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