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New community!
B&A in Haiti

Please visit my communities for high quality
pictures of male celebs at hires_hunks
and Brad Pitt at hires_brad!

Please read my userinfo for more details and decide if I'm worth your friend and comment here then I'll consider adding you. Thanks.

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i'm from the ba forum, i never post, but i'm always there...
i'm adding you to my flist, hope you don't mind =]

kiss, kiss

Sweet!! What's your handlename over there? I don't mind if you added me..

Warning, the entries that you are about to see is adult content related so hope u don't mind. :)

i'm sooo creative with usernames... it's Ci_Jolie

ohhhhh i really don't mind to see this kind of content =D *blushes*

What does CI stand for?

Good, because I just posted Brad's pictures that are nearly of sexually explicit nature. ;)

Ci is a short for my name [Cibelle], as i said i'm thattt creative! hehehe

oh, and i love the pics, hmmm, abs!

that's how we like it ;)

Alright, looks like the lil' group is gettin' bigger :D lol

Haha, it'll be nice if the group expands then the more fun we'll have!

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