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B&A in Haiti
GEEZ... it's been YEARS since I've been on here/being active!

I'm glad I still kept this account all these years. So MUCH happened to me. I've married my long-time boyfriend for nearly 3 years (we were together for 8 years at the time). We also have a little beautiful 7 months' old girl.

I'm still a diehard fan of Brad & Angelina!

I think I've been crushing over Supernatural brothers lately... guess I should talk about them. :) (Don't worry, I am 100% loyal to my hubby! But nothing wrong with having candy eyes, right? :)

Didn't realize I still moderate hires_hunks. It's nice to still be kept on the list in case I'm needed.

Time to update some new profile pictures.. oh yeah, I am so gonna get these Jensen Ackles/Jared Padelicki pictures. They are SO yummy to look at!