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Angie mommy-to-be for 3rd time
B&A in Haiti
Look at her boobs. And if you study her waist well - you'd notice. And she's dressing widely nowdays - say, for a month. Just WOW. AND Brad's adopting her kids. Isn't it too obvious? People's crazy for not believing this.

I'm so happy for the Jolie-Pitt family! Oh, Z's also so cute & chubby in her angel-white sundress!

Ah... this is close as we can see PDA with their smiles!

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Sorry, didn't see your comment til now...

Where's the recent picture of her. I SO want to see it!

I am SO positive that they'll have a HUGE family. They better. I know it will happen. You know, when Brad & Jen announced their divorce - I immediately had a feeling that Brad & Angie would end up together and I WAS right. So, my instincts better be RIGHT this time. :)

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