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Angie mommy-to-be for 3rd time
B&A in Haiti
Look at her boobs. And if you study her waist well - you'd notice. And she's dressing widely nowdays - say, for a month. Just WOW. AND Brad's adopting her kids. Isn't it too obvious? People's crazy for not believing this.

I'm so happy for the Jolie-Pitt family! Oh, Z's also so cute & chubby in her angel-white sundress!

Ah... this is close as we can see PDA with their smiles!

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This is so cute! I've been looking at those pics practically all day, minus the time i went out to go see a movie and do some shopping.

But Our Angie is clearly pregnant, that belly is becoming noticeable...YAY! Soon she won't be able to hide much...I can't wait!

I'm so happy for them... I've been on the 'She's pregnant train for like ever, i'm never going to get off it, until she pops out that kid and 2 or 3 more. Although i hope she adopts more kids too. I mean they've want a big family, so this shouldn't be a problem. :D

Sorry, didn't see your comment til now...

Where's the recent picture of her. I SO want to see it!

I am SO positive that they'll have a HUGE family. They better. I know it will happen. You know, when Brad & Jen announced their divorce - I immediately had a feeling that Brad & Angie would end up together and I WAS right. So, my instincts better be RIGHT this time. :)

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