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Wow, Brad's 42 today!!!!
B&A in Haiti


The first time I saw you when I was like 10 years old on "Growing Pains." You became my instant puppy crush, which made me lose my interest in Kirk Cameron.

Then later, I saw you again as a hot vampire in "Interview with the Vampire" and sensitive guy in "Legends of the Falls". My crush on you re-ignited all over again. No, make it hot desires not just puppy crush.

Well, let's say I moved on because I was a teenager at that time because I was no longer interested in chasing after the hot hunks of hollywood. That means I, and the millions of other ladies, will never have a chance with you. But I was still loyal to you as I appreciated you as an actor and not to mention, a very good-looking one!

Then I was upset when you started seeing Jennifer Aniston - I must admit I was never fond of her but I learned to like her just because you were married to her. I felt bad for you when things weren't working out between you guys but I was secretly celebrating. I do think Jennifer's a great and beautiful actress, but I somehow always knew that you guys weren't meant for each other.

Now, I can't say how HAPPY I am now that you've met your soulmate, Angelina as she's always been one of my favorite actresses and my instincts tells me that you guys are right for each other.

The fact that you're adopting Maddox & Zahara, your dreams finally came true. Life could not get any better for you.

Happy 42nd Birthday, William Bradley Pitt!

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