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New community!
B&A in Haiti

Please visit my communities for high quality
pictures of male celebs at hires_hunks
and Brad Pitt at hires_brad!

Please read my userinfo for more details and decide if I'm worth your friend and comment here then I'll consider adding you. Thanks.

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hey, this is more a question about hires_hotties and hires_hunks. i had *no* idea where to put this so i hope it's the right place.

i love making wallpapers/graphics in general. but i know that these communities aren't the place to put them, and it seems that people are repeatedly doing just that. just now i saw another manipulation at hires_hunks. these posts are never taken down. i know you're short on moderators--but it just seems unfair that some have been allowed to do this.

Hi, not a problem for posting your question. I apologize for the lateness reply..

The members may post wallpapers/graphics just as long as the pictures aren't fake (if you're referring to manipulation - do you mean fake picture of the actors or wallpapers?) can you refer me to the postings? Then I'll take that into consideration.

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