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New community!
B&A in Haiti

Please visit my communities for high quality
pictures of male celebs at hires_hunks
and Brad Pitt at hires_brad!

Please read my userinfo for more details and decide if I'm worth your friend and comment here then I'll consider adding you. Thanks.

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Just saw your post at B&A Board and got your LJ from there and added you!! :)

Awesome - keep this in mind that I don't post on here as I frequently post over at hires_hunks since I'm moderating it. But I'll add you to my friends' list and I'll probably read your posts. :)

I sure hope you stop by to comment on my posts then! ;)

And hire_hunks was one of the first communities I joined when I decided to use LJ as a blog! ;) Love there. So hot! =D

I definitely will.

Oh, I am glad you have been a member of this community for a while now!

just dropping by to let you know, I added you to me friends list. I think I like you. *giggle* And, please check that post with the banner, I left a question for you on Hires_hunks. K?

Haha. Sure, no problem.

Ok - thanks. I have been getting like 20 replies via LJ so I'm trying not to lose track of it!

Hey, I saw your post over at ba fans forum and I added you as a friend. I hope you don't mind.

No prob. Added you back. ;) What's your handlename over there?

I rare post in my own journal, but I moderate hires_hunks so I post there often. :) There's a lot of hi-res pictures of Brad in the memories section. Also, be sure to check out hires_angelina. You'll love this community!

Thanks. My name over at the forum is Amned, but, sadly, I'm more of a lurker.

Yeah, I've been to Hires Hunks. Awesome place, you're doing a great job. Lovely pictures. I'll be sure to check out Hires Angelina. Thanks for the heads up.

Oh, that's cool and okay. At least we're in the LJ world! ;)

Hope to see your postings more often. :)

i'm from the ba forum, i never post, but i'm always there...
i'm adding you to my flist, hope you don't mind =]

kiss, kiss

Sweet!! What's your handlename over there? I don't mind if you added me..

Warning, the entries that you are about to see is adult content related so hope u don't mind. :)

i'm sooo creative with usernames... it's Ci_Jolie

ohhhhh i really don't mind to see this kind of content =D *blushes*

What does CI stand for?

Good, because I just posted Brad's pictures that are nearly of sexually explicit nature. ;)

Ci is a short for my name [Cibelle], as i said i'm thattt creative! hehehe

oh, and i love the pics, hmmm, abs!

that's how we like it ;)

Alright, looks like the lil' group is gettin' bigger :D lol

Haha, it'll be nice if the group expands then the more fun we'll have!

I'm from the Brad and Angie forum and I love it there! I haven't posted anything yet though, but I visit that site every day.
I'm adding you to my friends list. Hope it's okay with you. ;D



Thanks for stopping by my journal! Once I add you, you'll see a bunch of my entries. LOL. Enjoy.

What's your alias name over at B&A forum?

*Adds you now!*

Thankies! :D
Btw, I'm riot8girl.

hiya, i was wonderin why I cant view ur entries yet? love the b/a banner btw

If you read my other public entry for B&A forum members... you'll understand why. :)

Do you want to stay on my friends' list? If so, I will add ya. I just hope that you and others can come around here sometimes. :D

I saw your Michael Shanks post on hires_hunks, and I was totally like, WOAH! Stargate fan!! SWEET!

So yeah. Add me if you'd like... if you add me I'll be adding you. Because who can get enough Stargate fans? Really??

Nice of you to drop by. :)

Sure, I'll add you... but warning that my entries are mostly about Brad & Angelina since I'm so obessesed about them. Just let me know if you want to remain on my friends' list. ;)

Okay, and don't forget that my entries will sometimes be adult content related. Just a heads up. ;)

(Deleted comment)
Hi! Sure, I'll add you if you accept what I am. THanks for stopping by. ;)

Hi, I'm off BA and added you as my friend (I think anyway)hope you don't mind. LJ confuses me! lol

Im from the BAFan forum and new to live journal is it ok if I add you?

Feel free to add me. :) FYI, I haven't been updating lately but I will try this week!

Hey I stumbled upon you through your community, and after reading your info saw we have a lot in common. Lost & Harry Potter as two of the main things. Add? ♥

Hi, sure you can add me - but I haven't updated much lately. I will try soon! :)

Just to let you know the brad_challenge is workin again, pls come and check!, Thx!

I would love to be added to your friends list since I am absolutely in love with Brad and Angelina!

I LOVE the friends only banner you have. Ur user info tickled me, too! Just like you, I am completely obsessed with Brad and Angelina individually! But as a couple I don't know if my heart can stand it! When I found out they were together, I just about died from being overjoyed! Whatta freak I am, huh? Oh well, I'm adding you... add me?

Aww, thanks -- sorry if I replied this to you late. Adds you!!!!!!

you wanted my email address:

hey, this is more a question about hires_hotties and hires_hunks. i had *no* idea where to put this so i hope it's the right place.

i love making wallpapers/graphics in general. but i know that these communities aren't the place to put them, and it seems that people are repeatedly doing just that. just now i saw another manipulation at hires_hunks. these posts are never taken down. i know you're short on moderators--but it just seems unfair that some have been allowed to do this.

Hi, not a problem for posting your question. I apologize for the lateness reply..

The members may post wallpapers/graphics just as long as the pictures aren't fake (if you're referring to manipulation - do you mean fake picture of the actors or wallpapers?) can you refer me to the postings? Then I'll take that into consideration.

WOW, YOU took the words right out of my mouth. I could'nt have said it better if I took tens years. I am so happy for you Brad forget all the negative just be the person we know you are and keep on loving your family, you would be surprised at the support you have out here in this crazy world. May God bless your family with much happiness and contentment.

Hi Sultrydame, can you add me as a friend. I post over at baforums, and saw your most recent post.

hi,would you like to affiliate with my colin farrell comm. colin_latest to hires_hunks and hires_brad ?let me know and thanks!

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